Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Thursday, August 20, 2009 - Q Flights

by Norm

This will be short. There is a team manager's briefing at 8 AM.

Yesterday, Vicki continued to have engine problems with the plane still at Conington. It first appeared to be a dead magneto, but without hitting every detail, it appears to have been the SlickStart. Hopefully, it will be resolved this morning and she can return to Silverstone.

The order of flight for the Q program (Known) was drawn yesterday. This program will determine the order of flight for Program 1, the Freestyle. The scores do not count in the overall contest. Here is what we drew:

Robert Armstrong - 4
Goody Thomas - 20
Vicki Cruse - 32
David Martin - 33
Michael Racy - 39
Debby Rihn-Harvey - 55
Jeff Boerboob - 58
Hubie Tolson - 59

You should be able to check the links to either the CIVA website or to to keep up on the scoring.

Wish the team good luck. The flights will soon begin. Yea!!!!

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