Friday, August 14, 2009

August 13, 2009 - US Team Arrives in England

Dunkeswell, England. The clouds finally parted this morning and everyone has flown their first rotation in the box. Yesterday, the weather provided low ceilings, and occasional drizzle. Vicki was able to pick up her plane in Salisbury and relocate to Dunkeswell. Goody got a test flight in with Hubie’s Sukhoi.

At the moment, David Martin, Hubie Tolson, Vicki Cruse, Goody Thomas, Debby Rihn-Harvey, and Jeff Boerboon are in camp. Robert Armstrong’s plane was late being delivered, but it did arrive this morning. It is being assembled with the assistance of Len Rulason today. Hopefully, Robert and Len will be here tomorrow. Michael Racy is training with the Russian Team at another location.

There are three other pilots sharing Dunkeswell along with us. They are Sami from Findland, Peter Podlunsek from Slovenia, and Hanspeter Rohner representing the Swiss Team. Debby is sharing Hansdpeter’s CAP 232. Patrick Paris is also here. Patrick was the 1998 World Aerobatic Champion. He is coaching David, Jeff, Debby, along with Sami, Hanspeter, and Peter.

Order of flight has been set up for the group, and everyone is getting along very well. Our British hosts are attending to everyone’s needs and are most accommodating.

It has been most interesting trying to drive from our hotel in Exeter to the airport. Besides driving on the left side of the road, one would not believe some of the some of the roads we have had to drive on. It’s an understatement to say that they are narrow. In some cases, one car width wide, with farm vehicles and lorries in the opposite direction. One must constantly stay alert.

The team will practice at this site until Monday, August 17, 2009, and then relocate to the contest site for box practice the next day.

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