Thursday, August 20, 2009

August 20, 2009 Action

by Norm

The short answer is that there wasn't any action. The Pilot's Briefing began at 8 AM. The 500 meter winds were already above the 12 m/sec limit. This put us on a weather hold until 12:45 PM. In the meantime, we had a cold frontal passage with some light rain. The winds continued to increase as forecasted, and by 3 PM the organizers cancelled the day.

On the good news side, Vicki got her plane fixed and returned to Silverstone.

The winds are forecasted to diminish some by tomorrow. There is also the possibility of some rain in the morning. Hopefully, we will complete some flights by tomorrow night. This is not atypical of the World Championships. It seems that it is often the case that we have cloud or wind issues that stop the contest, even though we might be flying at a contest in the US. The international rules are written to try to fly pilots in similar weather conditions. Let us hope that tomorrow offers flyable conditions.

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